Welcome to Term 2!

This term is set to be a busy one! Now we have all settled into the routines of Year 3 we are focused on deepening our learning and building our relationships.

Term 2 includes:

  • Circles program with Ms Melissa Ford our school Guidance Counsellor. Please check the ‘Communication’ section of the Blog for updates.
  • NAPLAN tests in which all students have been practicing to become familiar with and comfortable in the format.
  • Dance fever, where all the students are rocking our dance moves each Thursday!
  • Zone cross country

Please keep in contact with me during the term so we can keep the lines of communication open to support your child. I am happy to make times to meet before or after school with a meeting time.

To arrange a time please email cplater@bne.catholic.edu.au



Kind regards

Mrs Cindy Plater